Course Category: Allied Health Science

B.Sc in Perfusion Technology

 BSc Perfusion Technology or Bachelor of Science in Perfusion Technology is a 3 time course for the scholars who are undergraduate. Perfusion technology is the study of physiology and the pathology of the lungs and the confederated respiratory organs of the mortal body.The perfusion technologists are hired in large figures across colorful sectors of health …

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B.Sc in Emergency Medicine Technology

 The B.Sc Emergency Medical Technology is the 3- time degree programme that can be done after finishing the PUC/ 12 th or original. TheB.Sc Emergency Medical Technology scholars are trained to administer the emergency drugs and connect the emergency medical outfit to the cases in case of exigency.

B.Sc in Renal Dialysis Technology Dialysis is a technical study of dialysis in the bachelorette of Science sluice. It’s a three- time undergraduate course which studies the artificial process of barring waste ( prolixity) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood.

B.Sc in Optometry

 BSc Optometry is a full- time undergraduate program. It’s a four- time degree program which is divided into eight semesters of study. Out of these eight semesters, six semesters are proposition- grounded and accepted in a classroom and remaining two semesters are training grounded and accepted at a tertiary eye care sanitarium.

B.Sc in Operation Theatre Technology

 Bachelorette of Science in Operation Theatre Technology is an assiduity- acquainted course which prepares the scholars for a grueling and largely satisfying career in a sanitarium, nursing homes, trauma/ exigency centers, Intensive Care units, CSS etc.

B.Sc in Imaging Technology

BSc Imaging Technology in Medical Imaging Technology is a 3- time course, divided into six semesters, each lasting a period of six months. The discipline involves the ways and processes employed in creating images of the mortal body corridor for clinical purposes or in medical wisdom.

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