Course Category: Paramedical


Diploma in ophthalmic technology also known as DOT is a two- time parchment course which is designed to produce trained and good professionals who help ophthalmologists in order to diagnose and treat cases.


 Diploma in Dialysis Technology is a parchment position course. It’s citation as the process of removing redundant water, solutes, and poisons from the blood through an artificial manner that’s with use of some medical outfit ormachinery.After successful completion in this course campaigners have numerous job reaches in colorful field both Government and Private Zone.


 Diploma in Operation Theater Technician (DOTT) is a two-three times parchment course in India.. They also look after the medicines needed for surgery, anesthetic feasts, drapes & all the linen & their sterilization. The study trained campaigners to help the surgeon during the operations.


DMRT or Diploma in Radiology Therapy is a 1-2 time duration postgraduate course offered by colorful sodalities and universities in India. It’s one of the popular courses decided by the scholars in the field of medical opinion, and medical wisdom.


 The Diploma in Health Inspector is a three- time paramedical course. The parchment in health inspector course lays emphasis on the conservation of health and hygiene in the places where medical installations are being offered


 DXRT or Diploma inX-Ray Technology is a parchment position course. X-Ray Technology deals with the study of electromagnetic radiation that penetrates into the mortal body and creates the image of the internal structure in the photographic film. Doctors used this technology to understand the problem and treat them. clinical and executive chops both are covered …

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Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a 2- time parchment course pursued after the successful completion of the 10 2 position of education. This medical course involves advanced professional literacy in-Prevention, Opinion and Treatment of conditions in cases through clinical laboratory tests.

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